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Calgary's Premier

Hot Water
Heater Service
& Repair

Life Gives You Enough Headache.

Your Hot Water Heater Shouldn't.

Alternative Plumbing Heating & Gas is Calgary & Area's premier service provider for hot water heaters and tankless water heaters and offers emergency 24/7 hot water repairs to all the area's residents.


Services include hot water heater replacement, installation, removal, and general inspections.

Emergency Hot Water Heater Service Area Includes:


Calgary, AB

Servicing the city of Calgary for all your hot water heater needs!

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Okotoks, AB

Okotoks' hot water heaters are in short travel distance for rapid emergency service!


Strathmore, AB

Water Heater replacement and inspections are also offered Strathmore & area!


Chestermere, AB

Though Chestermere has no lack of water, it's residents may be lacking hot water! We've got you covered too!


Airdrie, AB

With close vicinity to Calgary, Airdrie residents' hot water heater requirements are also covered!


& More!

Servicing Calgary & Area, Alternative Plumbing Heating & Gas has you covered for all your hot water heater needs!

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When Should I Replace
My Hot Water Heater?


   •  Inadequate Heating or Inconsistent Temperatures

If your hot water heater is underperforming when taps or your shower is set to high heat, or you notice temperature fluctuations, it may be time to replace your hot water heater. 


Rusty Water, Leaking Or Visible Corrosion

A very clear indicator of an exhausted hot water heater is visible redness in water due to rusting inside your hot water heater, or any visible leakage or visible corrosion. If leakage is an emergency, Alternative Plumbing Heating & Gas has a 24/7  emergency hot water heater response line.


Heater is Near the 8-10 Year Mark of it's Lifespan

As with everything else, your hot water heater does have an expected life cycle. If your hot water heater is nearing the end of it's life cycle it is very likely to either function improperly or not at all. It's better to be proactive rather than reactive! Give us a call today!

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Hot Water Heater Service

Available 24/7 to Support All Hot Water Heating Inquiries In the Calgary & Area

We here at Alternative Plumbing Heating & Gas understand that accidents can happen at the worst of times. We offer a full 24/7 EMERGENCY hot water heater service line to make sure that your hot water systems are functioning when you need them most. We service all clients in the Calgary & Area, and will work one on one with our customers to ensure the highest quality service.

Call the team at Alternative Plumbing Heating & Gas today to schedule an inspection on your hot water heater! Call 403-465-444 today!

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